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Landfill & Mining

CSW’s landfill and mining team has moved tens of millions of cubic yards of earth on projects throughout the Southwest U.S. - Twenty million in the last six years alone.

Our high production team has made CSW the premier landfill and transfer station contractor in the region. We consistently provide clients unique time and money-saving solutions to issues related to design, liner placement, schedule, terrain and water supply that less experienced crews may miss. CSW’s team has been around the block enough to identify the most effective haul routes and water import methods, and is capable of fast-tracking projects as needed. With a certified Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO) leading our landfill and mining team, we are focused on achieving maximum airspace in the shortest amount of time.

CSW has the resources to perform mass excavation at rates exceeding 130,000 cubic yards per day, and GPS-enabled equipment to dial-in the tightest of tolerances. Our team works quickly, efficiently and accurately, and will never allow our work to impact the daily operations of your facility. Whether you are looking for heap leach pads, ILS ponds, headwalls, outfalls, raffinate/PLS piping, overburden stripping, reclamation/remediation or infrastructure construction, we have the capable staff to complete it.

The success of our landfill and mining team led to client requests to expand our core market coverage. We have since completed projects in New Mexico, Utah, Texas and California and look forward to our next opportunity for client-driven expansion. Contact CSW to see what our talented landfill and mining team can do for you.

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