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Industrial projects require strict adherence to precise specifications, environmental regulations, security requirements, and safety precautions. CSW’s dedicated industrial team understands these requirements and the delicate nature of working in sensitive environments where downtime is critical.

Our industrial team has a wealth of experience completing treatment plants, lift stations, industrial plants and energy generation and refining facilities. We have worked on these facilities as both a general contractor and subcontractor, completing projects requiring new construction, remediation and the expansion of existing facilities. CSW’s industrial projects are some of our largest and most extensive. Completing multiple upgrades on the City of Phoenix 91st Avenue Waste Water Treatment Plant required our team’s expertise for seven years from 2004 to 2011.

The depth and breadth of our industrial team’s portfolio has given us a keen eye for preventing potential challenges during pre-construction, and the know-how to solve problems on site in the field. Too many people rely on industrial facilities to trust them to anyone but the best. To put a proven team on your industrial project, contact CSW today.

Project Portfolio

Chandler Airport Water Reclamation Facility
CSW provided construction services for both CMAR projects for the City of Chandler that included a 15 MGD and 22 MGD upgrade. CSW provided constructability reviews and prepared two Cost Models for both projects in the early stages. The 15 MGD project was broken up into 2 GMP’s in which were bid at the 60%, 90% and Issued for Construction Phase. The 22 MGD project was a very fast track and unique project it included 5 GMP’s with a 32 month schedule from start of design to completion of construction with a 9 month overlay of design and construction. CSW was successful low bidder on all 5 GMP’s in both Earthwork & Grading and Yard Pipe & Minor Mechanical. All 5 GMP’s were bid at 60%, 90% and Issued for Construction. The 15 MGD had 22,000 LF of pipe from 60” to 1” with 100,000 CYs of structure excavation and 35,000 CYs of structural backfill. Scope of work also included AC paving, curb gutter and sidewalk packages, civil and structural demo, grading, ABC placement, milling placement and SWPPP. The 22 MGD had 25,000 LF pipe from 54” to 1” with 185,000 CYs of structure excavation and 90,000 CYs structural backfill. Additional scope included AC paving, curb gutter and sidewalk packages, civil and structural demo, grading, ABC placement, pavement milling and SWPPP. CSW managed over 235 successful MOPOs during the 15 MGD upgrade. CSW also responded to an emergency failure of a collapsed 24” force main. We worked around the clock to install a 1,300 lf temporary by-pass to allow flows to resume from the Ocotillo WRF to prevent the emergency reservoirs from overflowing. MOPO 10 was a collaborative effort between all stakeholders to give the City of Chandler a permanent by-pass at the Aeration Basins to the Splitter Box that will help on future plant upgrades and allow the plant to accept flow from Intel 4 months ahead of schedule. CSW has completed over 75 MOPO’s on the 22 MGD upgrades and has over a 100 plus more to do.
91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant
CSW’s presence on the 91st Avenue Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) began during the Unified Plant 2001 (UP01) expansion phase. CSW worked with the City of Phoenix to provide constructability reviews, existing utility investigations, value engineering and cost savings methods throughout the project. We continued our relationship with the stakeholders of 91st Ave WWTP on the subsequent UP05A and UP05B projects. UP05A included a new pump station to convey secondary effluent from within the plant to the Tres Rios Wetlands. UP05B was a 240 MGD capacity expansion and reconstruction of the existing plant. CSW’s scope for both projects included 330,000 cy of structural excavation and backfill of new facilities and modifications to many of the existing structures; civil improvements included asphalt paving; concrete, curb and gutter; over 60,000 lf of PCCP, HPDE, HOBAS and CPVC yard piping varying in size from 1” to 96” diameter. CSW’s was an active participant in the development and implementation of MOPOs (Maintenance of Plant Operations) for all three phases, emphasizing our focus on collaboration. The project team created a “road map” so that all parties understood their roles and how they impact others, this proved vital as conceptual discussions triggered potential issues and risks that the MOPO team used to evaluate and address risk assessment and management. The 91st Avenue WWTP was featured in the October 2009 issue of AZ Water Association Newsletter as a Super MOPO that combined 27 individual MOPOs into one 10 hour MOPO. The AZ Water Association referred to this Super MOPO as “seamless”, resulting in minimal impact to the operations of the existing facility, saving the City of Phoenix thousands of dollars.